While the echoes of the ‘bribery wheel’ allegations continue… Here is the stock market curiosity of Ziraat Bank manager

Birgün newspaper writer Bahadır Özgür carried the details of Kuvva Gıda, which rose rapidly in a year in the stock market, to his column. Özgür wrote in his article, “The discussions about Borsa İstanbul are well-known. The documents published by Sedat Peker regarding the bribery wheel that he claims was at the center of former CMB Chairman Ali Fuat Taşkesenlioğlu, the resignations in the Palace related to it, the manipulation in which AKP politicians’ names were mentioned. “While talking about billions of liras, unjust enrichment, and victimization of hundreds of thousands of people, the judiciary and the CMB are in a deep silence. It is obvious that even a small brick is not wanted to be removed from the wall built here.”

Stating that 27.7 percent of the company’s shares are owned by Şule Kaynak and 6.11 percent by Veysi Kaynak, Özgür said, “All of the privileged shares belong to Veysi Kaynak. Who is he? He was the Deputy Prime Minister from 2016 until he was appointed to the presidential regime. Kahramanmaraş He served as mayor, AKP deputy for three terms, Deputy Minister of Justice, etc. His current duty is important. Deputy Chairman of Ziraat Bank. He is one of the senior executives of the largest public bank under the Wealth Fund.” then he noted:


“Ziraat’s top manager, Kaynak, has been interested in the stock market since 2020. And he buys the preferred shares of Serve Film Production A.Ş. The company is traded in the close monitoring market. In other words, it is under the supervision of the CMB. Such companies are a ‘shell’. ‘. Those who do not prefer the troublesome and long road like public offering to open their own company to the stock market, buy a company in the detention market and merge it with the one they have. Kaynak also sells the shares of Serve to Kuvva Gıda and turns its business line from an ice cream seller to a film producer. The code of Serve shares in Borsa Istanbul is being changed to Kuvva Gıda. The source becomes a partner in another company at the end of 2020. It acquires 13.2% of Denge Investment Holding’s shares and enters the management. It sells these shares in March 2022.


Aside from the technical details of the stock exchanges, the adventure of the shares chosen by Ziraat’s senior manager is also interesting. We talked about how Susurluk continues to grow; It’s like an irony summarizing these days when we see that the missing piece of the picture formed by mafia-gang-politics relations is completed with the stock market. Let us briefly recall this aspect of the matter.

There are those who remember the generic line of the famous TV show that started with ‘In this dark and misty valley of Turkey…’. It was stated that while the income from drugs, arms trade, black money and gambling was listed, the biggest income came from the stock market with 10 billion dollars a year. As if those screenwriters wanted to put the fictional world they had created into practice in real life, they first entered the construction business and victimized hundreds of poor people in Fikirtepe, a slum transformation project, and then they were accused of manipulation in the stock market. The Kurtlar Vadisi team and its partners, Artı Investment, Denge Yatırım Holding, Pana Film, Serve Film etc. Most of the stock market games they have made over CMB have been the subject of CMB fines and the judiciary. For the curious, there is a rich corpus on ‘Kurtlar Vadisi Stock Exchange’ that can be easily accessed in the archives. The last producer of the series was Kaynak’s company, Serve Film Production.

In summary, manipulations have always occurred in the stock market, traps have been set, and profiteering has been struck. The important thing is the existence of state institutions that will prevent this, and what it does. This is the only way to distinguish crime from non-crime. What if those who run the state and those who hold public resources get involved?

So let’s ask the question that seemed simple and even extremely naive at the beginning: Is it ethical for one of Ziraat’s authorized executives to buy and sell shares in the stock market?”


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