While Everyone Waits for EYT, Priority Early Retirement Statement from SGK

While millions of employees continue their working lives with the dream of retirement, the popular agenda of the last period has come to an end in the EYT law. While everyone was waiting to retire with the EYT law, a flash statement came from SGK! With the announcement made by SGK, the details of the early retirement good news were announced. So how do you retire early? You can retire immediately by filing a petition today! Retirement opportunity for female employees at the age of 45-46-47 and for male employees at the age of 48-49! All the details of the Early Retirement good news over 3600 days are with you in our news…

Millions of insured citizens dream of retiring one day and are searching for when they will retire during their working life. As it is known, in our social insurance legislation, 3 conditions must be met together in order to be able to retire. In this context, the insured is required to complete the terms of service year, number of days of insurance premium payment and age. In some cases, early retirement is possible. On the other hand, the issue of EYT has been on the agenda recently. Finally, Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin, who made a statement today, announced that the EYT work has come to an end and that the work will enter the Parliament’s agenda in December at the latest. While all employees focused on EYT, the flash statement about retirement came from SGK!


SSI legislation allows for early retirement in some cases. All employees who meet the conditions in the legislation can benefit from the right to early retirement and can retire immediately by submitting a petition.

Among the disabled employees, those who continue their working life with 4/A can obtain the right to retirement under different conditions according to their disability rate and insurance start dates. In addition, there is no age requirement for retirement for these people. The conditions sought by the law for those who are disabled and want to retire vary according to the disability rate. It is necessary to apply to SSI with the health report and disability report documents.


With the Health Board report obtained from a full-fledged hospital, all employees with a disability rate of 40% and above can retire immediately, regardless of age, with varying premium payment days. Those with a disability of 80 percent or more can qualify for immediate retirement with 15 years or 3600 premium days. Employees with a disability of 60 to 79 percent are entitled to retire over 15 years and 3600 premium days if they had insurance starts before 1991.


The most important condition for the early retirement of disabled employees is the completion of 3600 premium payment days. Persons with disabilities who have completed 3600 premium payment days and whose disability rate is below 80% can retire early by paying 3600-4080 days of premium.

On the other hand, retirement can be realized by applying to SGK due to the loss of working power during their working life. In addition, compensation is paid to those who lose their working power due to an accident or illness while working.

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