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President Erdogan, yesterday, one-word tweet stream “Turkey” joined with the word. Undoubtedly, for the citizen of every country, the word denoting his homeland is the most lovable. Whether we realize it or not, it is the word that we always get peace from hearing. “Turkey”. Although we sometimes worry about its condition, it is the feeling of sharing the fate of this country that makes us Turkish. There are also two words that violate the rule of the trend in social media, which we will hear more when we go to the elections: New Turkey. Inevitable, “New Turkey”, AK Party’s “silent revolution” It was a concept that he used when carrying out reforms of the nature of nature, fighting against tutelage and giving our country a more effective international position. The Commonwealth Today “stronger Turkey” Although it emphasizes its conceptualization, there is the assumption that a new and better situation has been reached from the old tutelary Turkey. Meanwhile, CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu also stated that the opposition “rebuild” He began to voice his claim that he would.


The use of this concept by the opposition while going to the 2023 elections is at least two different “new Turkey” makes us think that we will witness the race of imagination. We see this concept used several times in Turkish political life: II. Constitutional period, establishment of the Republic, 1950 Democratic Party government, ANAP period in the 1980s and AK Party government after 2002. Of course, as we enter the second century of our Republic, the 2023 elections that will take place are like this. “new Turkey” It is not surprising that he was met with his rhetoric. While the opposition says the country is in bad shape, it wants a comprehensive renewal. The government aims to make Turkey’s international position more effective and stronger. Even three examples in the media just yesterday are valuable in terms of explaining the importance our country has gained.
1- French President Macron said that Turkey should not be the only power meeting with Russia.
2- Bloomberg suggested that China and Turkey should take initiative before Putin to prevent nuclear disaster.
3- El Arab stated that Dbeybe and Başağa are in Turkey, “In Libya The solution is in Erdogan’s hands” captioned it.
Even these three news stories are enough to show how much stronger Turkey’s international position is. During the election period “which new Turkey” The fact that the debate takes place in the form of a clash of alternative candidates and visions contributes to our democracy. It is understandable that those who oppose the twenty-one-year uninterrupted AK Party rule have accumulated intense expectations. We also see that democracies are the scene of harsh polemics during periods of comprehensive transformation. In addition to the example of the Brexit referendum, American democracy has recently “under internal attack” meets the elections with its agenda. On the way to the November 2022 midterm elections, President Biden “greatsun a battle for the soul” not only characterize it as a coincidence, but also ex-president Trump and his supporters as a symbol for the United States. “threatening” sees it as.


All signs indicate that Turkey’s elections will take place in a highly dynamic, intense and controversial environment. However, as seen in the chaos and provocation warnings, the political institution should not lose its vigilance. The last two unfortunate examples were DP Chairman Uysal’s statement that the AK Party could be closed, and then TIP deputy Şık’s claim that the AK Party and MHP would not be able to oppose after 2023. Stylish, “They’re already going to fall apart. They will be prosecuted for being members of a criminal organization… AKP is treated as a political party will not see. It’s a criminal organization will be closed for They were delirious that there would be a transfer in the form of the former. An example is Kılıçdaroğlu’s “to the affairs of all KHK members will be returned” were his words. The two examples I mentioned “new Turkey” examples that darken your imagination. Neither those who spew revanchist anger nor those who say that the gains in the fight against FETO and PKK will be lost can give the voters confidence and hope.


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