When Yusuf wrote the match in Trabzonspor


The burgundy blue team, who are in the last eight teams in the Turkish Cup, reached their goal of three points before this match, in order not to break away from the top of the league.
The president and management of the burgundy blues, who gave a pre-match meal to the presidents and managers of the opposing team in the VIP hall of the stadium, left this warm night of January, which should have been cold, with a warm victory.
Abdullah Avcı, who made Trezeguet, Hugo and Hamsik trio sitting next to him in the hut, started with a top 11 with Djaniny, Denswil and Yusuf Yazıcı.
The outstanding name of the trainings in the last days, Yusuf, while he scored his first goals in the cup match played with H.Kredi Ümraniyespor, was the name that put his weight on the course of the game after he scored his first goal in the league tonight with a delicious half volley in the 16th minute.
Especially in front of the opponent’s goal, player ’61’, who started to write the game with unexpected passes to his friends, also forged the attacks individually from time to time!
In the squad where Gbamin and Visca were injured, Yusuf until the 61st minute when he was removed from the game; months later, he said to the fans, ‘We found it nice’. The reason why Bakasetas and Hamsik and Trezeguet left their place to the duo in the same minute, I think was to applaud the tribunes while Avcı was being sidelined by saying: ‘I need them next week, just in case.’
After Bakasetas hit the ball that fell in front of him with ‘hit, hit’ sounds coming from the stands, it was elegant that he left this goal for the night.
In Gomez’s shot, in the goal of Bartra, who completed the ball returning from Goalkeeper Jensen, the arrival of the pre-position seemed as if it had been worked out beforehand during the training sessions that were usually closed and we could not watch much.
The host, who imprisoned Istanbulspor in the field with the starting whistle of the middle referee Arda Kardesler, continued this pressure in the second 45 minutes.
Trezeguet, who was included in the game, said to his friends, ‘you can score but I can’t?’ When he said that and did what was necessary, he made sure that his fans, who almost filled the Akyazı stands, were in four corners.
When Fatih Tekke’s team, who did not have any injured or suspended players, saw a different host in this away game, where they came to get out of the league, they unfortunately ate what they found, not what they expected.
Trabzon tribunes; While showing his love for Istanbulspor’s President Ecmal Faik Sarıalioğlu and Technical Director Fatih Tekke, he did not miss for a moment to support their teams in 90 minutes of cheering.
Egyptian player Trezeguet’s shot coming back from the bottom of the side post in the last minutes of the game ‘don’t do it, bee!’ it was the kind you said.
After the individual names, the owner of the place dominating the game as a team; While Atakaş Hatayspor, which he will go to next week, found morale before his away trip, he climbed to the top with Beşiktaş at the top of the league.