WhatsApp’s latest update has been an event! Nobody wanted this innovation

WhatsApp, the messaging application preferred by millions of people all over the world, continues its updates. So what’s in the new update of WhatsApp? All the details are here.

An update news that no one would want came from the WhatsApp application, which is preferred by millions of people as a communication and messaging application. So what’s in the WhatsApp new update content? Why does no one want the update? You can find all the details in our news.


In the new update content of WhatsApp, there is especially the status sharing feature. According to the new update, different writing styles and fonts will now be available only for people who want to share text.

At the same time, it will be possible to tilt the texts written with this update to the right and left. According to the statement made by WhatsApp, this update will focus more on drawing tools. At the same time, with the new update of WhatsApp, as a study on the quality of the photos taken on different phones, the photos that people throw at each other can now be viewed in the same quality regardless of the phone brand.