WhatsApp users will finally breathe a sigh of relief! Whatsapp will no longer bother! Testing of the new feature has begun… Everyone will be free of hassle!

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application, continues to increase the user experience. The latest innovation it has made is the ability to carry messages with a QR code.

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications in the world on iOS and Android phones, continues to please its users with its updates and innovations. It is curious when the new feature will serve its users.

It has started working to bring a new solution for the difficulties in moving the messages that WhatsApp users have been complaining about for years to another phone. In the current application, in order to move messages to a new phone, you first have to move the messages to a cloud account and then download the data from this cloud account to the new account you created on the new phone. The problem is that this process takes a lot of time for the users.

WhatsApp has started testing its new feature that will save millions of users from the time-consuming backup process.

With the new feature that WhatsApp is working on, it will eliminate all this process. According to what has been learned, it will be almost enough to press the “Move Messages” button from a menu that will be placed in the settings to move messages from now on. After this stage, a QR code will be created and the process of moving the messages will start with the QR code reading from your new phone.

However, the feature is currently still in the testing phase. In the future, the use or scope of this feature may be changed. However, no matter how it comes, it is estimated that this feature will make the work of WhatsApp users much easier.