WhatsApp does not stop! Its new feature made people say “good luck”, see what to do with the new update

There is no end to the work on WhatsApp. This time, WhatsApp announced that it plans to work on it to inform users, who are on the agenda with the update to the message reactions. Here is the new update of WhatsApp…

He stated that he is working on the feature of reacting to messages in the announcement group on WhatsApp iOS, the most used instant messaging application in the world. Within the scope of the report published by WABetaInfo, which closely follows WhatsApp, it was stated that an update will be brought to the message reactions on the platform. With the update, it was stated that a Banner study was carried out to inform users about the reactions to the messages. Here is the new update of WhatsApp…


WhatsApp, which is on the agenda with a new update every day, introduced its new feature to be updated via the App Store or TestFlight application. Within the scope of the statement made by WABetaInfo, it was stated that the new feature is under development and is expected to be released in the iOS application in the near future.


In addition, WhatsApp continues beta tests for a new camera feature. It will now be easier to shoot videos with the hands-free feature that it will bring to the camera mode. Offering the opportunity to shoot videos easily with the touch of a button, WhatsApp continues to update its camera features. Thanks to the new camera feature, you will not have to hold down while shooting video.


Making it easy to shoot videos with this feature, WhatsApp also makes it easy to switch from the front camera to the rear camera or from the rear camera to the front camera. In the light of the information in the report, it is stated that Beta test users can use the new camera mode. After WhatsApp approves the new feature, it is aimed to ensure that all users have access to the feature. In addition, this update includes all bug fixes and performance improvements from previous 2.23.2 beta versions.


It is working on a revamped text editor within the instant messaging application Drawing Tool. It continues to develop new features such as changing the text background, switching fonts, and text alignment. With the new update, users will have the opportunity to change the Text alignment. In this way, users will have the chance to properly align their text according to the composition of the image.