“What’s the next step? Not to bathe at all?”

In France, some government members’ proposals for saving energy, which turned into a crisis with the cut off of Russian gas, became the subject of polemics among politicians in the country.

After the polemics over Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s wearing a coat and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire’s wearing a turtleneck sweater during working hours to set an example for the public on savings, another suggestion came from the ruling party MP Gilles Le Gendre. Le Gendre made fun of him when he said and suggested that he hangs his clothes instead of throwing them in the dryer.

Cannes Mayor David Lisnard, citing Le Gendre’s words on Twitter, said: “Another effort for the country. A thought-provoking plan: Drying rack and turtleneck sweater.” shared.

Paris Deputy Mayor Ian Brossat also asked Gendre, “Who says there is no heroism in this time?” ridiculed with his statements.

Left party, Indomitable France (LFI) MP François Piquemal also polemicized, “After coats and turtlenecks, they discovered the clothes dryer hanger.” with his criticism.

The far-right party National Unity (RN) deputy Gregoire de Fournas described his statements as “ridiculous” and asked Gendre, “What’s the next step? Not washing at all? Eating without cooking?” gave the answer.

The French also commented on social media that “the government is being ridiculed with its advice to save energy instead of solving the energy shortage”.

The interruption in energy supply from Moscow due to the Russia-Ukraine War and the dramatic increase in energy prices, as well as the maintenance of more than 30 nuclear reactors, led to a serious energy crisis in France.

In the country where there is a shortage of energy, the government is preparing to take serious measures such as keeping the house temperatures at a maximum of 19 degrees and imposing sanctions on those who do not comply, while recommending the people to change their daily habits.

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