What’s going on at Samsunspor? Aykut Kocaman’s surprise after two separation decisions: ‘Come and make a champion, my teacher…’


Sport Toto 1st League teams SamsunsporAfter the bad course in , Bayram Bektaş parted ways. President Yüksek Yıldırım was making some decisions recently. football He parted ways with Batu Kaplan, the development director, and a few people from the player watch committee.

In the statement made by the club, it was stated that the new executive board will carry out the management and administration of the football club under Yüksel Yıldırım.

In the written statement made by the club, “In line with the decision of the Board of Directors of Samsunspor Football Club, the management and administration of our football club will be carried out by the executive committee consisting of Deputy Chairman Veysel Bilen, General Manager Soner Soykan and Suat Çakır, reporting to our Chairman of the Board of Directors Yüksel Yıldırım. We wish our executive committee success in their duties and reiterate our belief that the new formation will meet the expectations of our community.



TFF 1st League team Samsunspor, which has signed important transfers such as Novikovas, Boldrin, Sagat, Szumski, Laura, Celil this season, has been waiting for the coach seat vacated by Bayram Bektaş. Aykut Kocaman made contact with.

Aiming to reach the Super League by finishing the league champion, the Black Sea team had its eyes on the champion teacher. After Samsunspor’s offer, what happened between the parties came to light.


The management in Samsunspor contacted Aykut Kocaman and said, ‘Come, make the team a champion, my teacher’.

The master coach, who turned down the offer of the Black Sea team, which set out with the goal of finishing the TFF 1st League champion, conveyed to the management that he did not want to run a team this season. Kocaman had rejected previous offers for the same reason.

Samsunspor, who received a negative response from Kocaman, turned the route to other candidates.


It was stated that the red and white team contacted Hüseyin Eroğlu, who did not coach any team after leaving Altınordu.

Explaining that negotiations with Samsunspor, which parted ways with Bayram Bektaş, are continuing, Eroğlu said, “We had a meeting with Samsunspor. They made a serious offer to me 2 years ago, especially during the play-off process, but it did not happen because I continued in Altınordu. Samsunspor is a great team with its fans and community. “They have a president who is very valuable and does everything for his club. A great community that deserves to be in the Super League and to be successful. We have a contact with them right now. Let’s see what happens and what will happen,” he said.



However, Samsunspor President Yüksel Yıldırım said in a statement yesterday, “I did not meet with Hüseyin teacher. These teachers are putting pressure on him to come to Samsunspor, Hüseyin Eroğlu is a good teacher, but he is not the teacher of Samsunspor! Maybe I can’t find a teacher tomorrow, I can bring him, but right now it is such a situation.” No. He worked with Turkish players, he couldn’t put pressure on the fans. It’s like a coin toss. Give me some time.” used the phrases.



in your career FenerbahceAykut Kocaman, who coached Konyaspor, Başakşehir, Ankaraspor, Malatyaspor and Istanbulspor, had 1 Super League and 2 Turkish Cup victories with Fenerbahçe.

His huge last cup victory was with Konyaspor in the Turkish Cup.

Aykut Kocaman, who played 29 games with Başakşehir, the last club he coached, and left his job on October 2, 2021, completed these 29 games with an average of 1.14 points.


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