What did Ukrainian leader Zelensky offer to President Biden?

The echoes of US President Joe Biden’s hosting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in the capital Washington continue.

While Zelenskiy had a meeting with Biden and his team at the White House for about 3.5 hours, it was learned that Zelenskiy offered President Biden a peace proposal with the ’10-point formula’ to end the war.

The 10-item condition proposed by the President of Ukraine to end the war with Russia and ensure peace is as follows:

  • Radiation and nuclear safety
  • Food safety
  • energy security
  • Release of all prisoners and deportees
  • Implementation of the UN Charter
  • Restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and world order
  • Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of fighting
  • Justice
  • Immediate protection of the environment from the ecosystem
  • Prevention of blood pressure and confirmation that the war is over

In his speech at the Congress, President of Ukraine Zelenskiy explained that he gave detailed information to President Biden about how peace could be, and stated that apart from the US$ 1.85 billion security package, the 45 billion dollars aid that is likely to be approved by the Congress is very valuable.

Zelensky asked Congress to continue the heavy sanctions against Russia, to continue the financial and military support of the United States, and to believe that Ukraine will win this war.


After the Biden-Zelenskiy phone call on December 1, the surprise arrival of the President of Ukraine in the capital Washington was seen as a diplomatic success for President Biden.

Both leading the ‘supra-partisan’ Ukrainian support in Congress and Zelenskiy taking risks and arriving at Biden’s invitation; President Biden’s foreign policy was written positively.


Although it was emphasized that the purchase of 1 Patriot missile battery by the Ukrainian army would be important to counter Russia’s air attacks, it was stated that at least 100 Ukrainian soldiers should undergo a long training for Patriot use in either Germany or Poland.

With the winter conditions and the increase in Russia’s damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure, the expectation that the war will continue for a longer period with the possibility of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine is dominant in Washington.

Photo: AP