What cancer does Nagihan Karadere have? How old is Survivor Nagihan, is he cancer, is he sick, how is his health?


“Nagihan was very upset because he couldn’t be the first in Survivor. I couldn’t figure out what feature Nagihan would be first with. It really is. When I look at Nagihan, he is a person I really like. He is a person when I met him, but what feature did Nagihan have to become a champion? For example, ‘Nagihan runs very well’, how nice! The audience gets together here. Of course, he wants a certain success. The one who says ‘I can’t jump over it’ can never win anyway, but he struggles and fights… For example, Peace is an example… Don’t we all have a physical difference? Sen Nagihan’ What are we going to do then? Should Nagihan win? No! The point is, are you pushing? Nagihan gets 3 wins, you get 2 wins… The audience says, ‘This girl beat Nagihan’… Appreciate, crowns. this is the deal. That’s why nobody should get up and say, ‘Wow, that’s the performance, sir…’. Performance is 20 percent of this business. I can analyze all the votes cast by the audience. I can analyze very well.