What about the Queen’s loyal friend ‘Corgi’?

“We have a mutual wave with Queen Elizabeth” Even as I write the sentence here, I feel myself “Get out of there” I say. But this sentence, which I have a hard time convincing myself to believe, is 100 percent true!
20 years ago, at the end of my longest journey in my life, I found myself in a small English city I had never even heard of before. In this city where I know neither the language nor the way, AylesburyIn , I couldn’t speak English in the kitchen of a famous chain of pizza restaurants, but ‘perfect’ I was washing dishes. In the second or third week of my employment, the street in front of the restaurant was decorated with UK flags. On the way to work, the sidewalks were crowded that I had never seen before. manager of the restaurant rodAll I understand is what he told me ‘Queen’ was the word. A few hours later innes He called me out of the kitchen. Rod, Innes, waiter Paul, Kate, Chief Judge and I watch the named guards passing by from the restaurant window. Touring the country for his 50th year on the throne in his car, which seems completely transparent to me, Queen ElizabethI saw A red hat on his head, he greeted the British with his famous waving gesture, cheering him on with their flags on the pavement. As we pass right in front of the restaurant, life begins to flow in slow motion for a moment. As the queen passed me a few yards and waved, I was in gingham trousers and ‘Daltons’Looking at my wide, blue-and-white, thick-striped T-shirt that reminded me of “I wish I hadn’t appeared before the Queen like this” I was thinking I wish.
Yesterday Queen II. I thought about those few seconds when I heard the news of Elizabeth’s death… And I still find myself at this. ‘surreal’ I couldn’t believe that I was living the moment: “What’s wrong with me and the Queen!”


More than 60 million of those currently living in the UK have been crowned Queen II in their lifetime. He saw no one but Elizabeth. In his name, some call him a fascist, some a parasite. ‘a good girl’ called songs. The movies were shot. on Netflix ‘crown’ The series is still watched with interest all over the world, and its new seasons are eagerly awaited.
As of this morning, the whole of England is talking about what life would be like without the ‘Queen’. in the national anthem ‘God save the Queen’ line already ‘God save our gracious King’ it even happened.
The pictures on the coins will gradually change… ‘red mailboxes’above ‘ER’ (Elizabeth Regina – Queen Elizabeth) letters after a while ‘CR’ (Charles Rex-King Charles) will be.
007 James Bond will ‘for the first time’ serve the ‘King’, not the ‘Queen’.
Passports will no longer have the Queen’s name but the King’s name. passport office ‘Her Majesty’ not ‘His Majesty’s‘s office from now on…
From postage stamps to symbols on police hats, many icons will turn from ‘Queen’ to ‘King’.

Queen II: Elizabeth took her Corgis for a ride with her mother in 1956.

Queen II: Elizabeth took her Corgis for a ride with her mother in 1956.


Murat Bardakci last night Haberturk TV’He also said that it would be very difficult for a ‘Queen’ to take the throne in England in the next century, while describing the throne in the Royal Family.
how it holds the UK together like glue, King III. CharlesIt is already being discussed whether this will succeed or not…
Elizabeth, who has masterfully managed dozens of scandals involving the family from her sister to her son, from her bride to her husband, and who has increased her sympathy from the British public in recent years, is no more!
Everyone is wondering what will happen now… What will be the land without a queen, what will be the family, what will be the crown, what will be the hats, bags, brooches?
I wonder what will happen to the ‘corgi’ dogs that he loves so much…
Well, Queen II, who has 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Elizabeth for her beloved dogs “My Corgi family” he was saying.

The Queen left her 4 dogs behind… Candy and muick named 2 Corgis, Sandy a Corgi-Dachschund cross and not so much that joined the family in January 2022 LissCocker Spaniel named y…
In fact, although the ‘Corgi’ entered the Royal Family in 1933, the first member of Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Corgi Family’ was Susan, who was gifted for her 18th birthday in 1944.. The Queen loved Susan so much that when she married, she took her on their honeymoon.

The Queen became famous for Vanity Fair magazine with her Corgis in 2016.  She posed for her photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The Queen posed for Vanity Fair magazine with her Corgis in 2016 for famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.


‘Queen’ on the throne Over the course of 73 years, he’s had 30 Corgis descended from Susan. ‘Energies’ Corgis, who are said to be very fond of him because of her love, were always in the frame next to the Queen in many photographs.
died in April 2018 WillowThe Queen’s last Corgi descended from Susan. After a while, the owner passed away, so he was adopted. Whisper The Queen was left without a Corgi for the first time in 74 years. New to not leave a young dog behind ‘baby’ He would have followed his advice not to buy a Corgi, but the pandemic intervened. in 2021 The Duke of York presented the Queen with a Corgi and a Dorgi puppy. However, the dorgi Fergus A baby Corgi for her 95th birthday, this time for the Queen, who was very upset when she died 5 months later. Sandy, more came.
Now a lot of people are wondering what will happen to their Corgis left behind after the Queen. “The Queen loved animals, especially dogs. They were His first loves and they were his last loves too.” said the royal biographer Ingrid Sewardfor the fate of dogs NewsweekHe made statements to Although there has been no official statement from the Royal Family, Seward states that Prince Andrew can take care of the Queen’s remaining Corgis: “Because Andrew had given them to the Queen.”
There is no limit to the tweet thrown about what will happen to the Corgis on social media yesterday!
The Queen’s death resonated differently around the world. There are those who hate it, there are those who love it. There are those who don’t even want to hear the name ‘Royal’, or those who pray ‘God save the Queen’ and lay flowers in front of Buckingam Palace and light candles. Calculate the cost of the Royal Family to the people of England “Over 1 pound per person, 100 million pounds of load per year” There are those who say that they bring 20 billion pounds a year through tourism… Today, they sent an e-mail to a friend of mine who is doing a doctorate in England, from the university. “If you are very affected by what happened, our mental health team is always ready to support” they say.
If I’m sitting 3 thousand kilometers away for the Queen’s Corgis, whom I ‘waved’ for a few seconds all my life, even I am worried, the university’s offer of help is even less!