We will not abandon our European friends to the cold of winter.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made statements about the energy crisis in Europe.

The energy crisis in Europe due to the war between Russia and Ukraine is increasing its impact.

It is stated that Europe will have a harsh winter with Russia cutting off the gas.

In this context, to evaluate the agenda, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended the North Atlantic Council meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“We will not leave our European friends in the cold”

Speaking on Europe’s energy problem, Blinken said, “The cost of standing up to the Kremlin’s aggression is high. But the cost of surrender will be higher.” used the phrase.

Blinken said that energy costs are rising in Europe and many people will have trouble heating their homes this winter. “We will not leave our European friends out in the cold in winter.” said.

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“One Way Diplomacy”

According to the news of AA, Blinken reminded that the US support to Ukraine will continue, and that they recently announced 2.2 billion dollars in aid.

Blinken, “The only way to end Russia’s aggression is diplomacy, but right now we do not see any sign from Russia that I can conduct diplomacy. But when the time comes, Ukraine should be at its strongest.” said.

“Russian soldiers go to the front without knowing where they are sent”

Blinken stated that the Ukrainian army has made serious gains against the Russian forces in recent days and that the morale of the Russian army is low. “Some Russian soldiers go to the front without even knowing where they are sent.” he said.

Blinken expressed the view that the Russian economy has deteriorated due to Western sanctions and that the country has paid a heavy price. Blinken noted that the Russian army tried to show its strength, but had to buy weapons from countries such as North Korea and Iran.

“If Russia stops, there will be peace”

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg “The war in Ukraine is entering a critical phase.” made its assessment.

Stating that the Ukrainian forces managed to repel Moscow’s attack in Donbas, Stoltenberg said that in the last few days, progress has been seen both in the south and the east.

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We must be ready to support Ukraine

Stating that this situation may not last long, Stoltenberg said. “We must be prepared for the long term and be ready to support Ukraine no matter how long it takes.” he said.

NATO Secretary General, “If Russia stops fighting, there will be peace. If Ukraine stops fighting, it will cease to exist as an independent nation.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that the winter will be tough, Stoltenberg underlined that the Ukrainian army should be provided with weapons and ammunition, as well as equipment such as winter clothes, tents and generators.

Aid provided to Ukraine

Stoltenberg, on a question, mentioned that some allies brought up the issue of whether the stocks of weapons and ammunition supplied to Ukraine were too exhausted.

Recalling that these were used to stop Russia’s aggressive actions against an independent sovereign nation in Europe, Stoltenberg said, “If President Putin wins in Ukraine, it is dangerous not only for Ukrainians, but also for all of us.” he said.

“We are trying to increase our security”

Stoltenberg, “So using these stockpiles actually helps increase our own security and reduce the risk of Russia taking any offensive action against NATO countries.” made its assessment.

Calling on the Allies for more support, Stoltenberg said that support has made a big difference on the ground.

Stoltenberg noted that another way to eliminate the concern about the level of stocks is to produce more, that contacts with all capitals continue and structures are established in NATO on defense planning.

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