“We will liberate all Ukrainian men and women again”

In the statement made on the official website of the Ukrainian Presidency, it was stated that Zelensky shared a video congratulatory message about the Christmas Festival celebrated in Western Christian countries on December 25.

In the post, Zelenskiy stated that millions of people also celebrated the Neol Day in Ukraine on December 25, but the people lived in difficult conditions due to the war, adding, “Unfortunately, all holidays have a bitter taste this year.” used the phrase.

Noting that the war against Russia in Ukraine has actually been going on for 8 years and that they will continue to fight for the freedom of the country in faith and unity, Zelenskiy said, “Let’s endure this winter. Because we know what we are fighting for.” he said.

Zelenskiy said that this year, the people of his country celebrated Christmas in the shadow of the war, and that some Ukrainians celebrated the holiday under difficult conditions in various countries because they were captured or had to leave the country. made the statement.

Zelenskiy reminded that the power outages continued because the energy infrastructures in Ukraine were heavily damaged in the attacks of the Russian army, and invited the people to celebrate the holiday despite all the difficulties.

Photo: AP