“We will do our best to make our fans proud”

During the media day held before the new season at Fenerbahçe Beko, head coach Dimitris Itoudis, Fenerbahçe Beko General Manager Derya Yannier and one of the players, Melih Mahmutoğlu, and Marko Guduric made statements.

Stating that they are a good team, Dimitris Itoudis said, “My expectations are to make new players realize where they are. Then we have to build the chemistry and it’s not easy. Very important players left the team. I don’t want to make big promises, but the biggest promise is that we will do everything to make our fans proud. I have a great motivation, I am very excited.” used the phrases.

The 52-year-old coach said that they started preparations incompletely due to the national team matches. “We need it. We started incompletely because of the national teams. We also have injured players. We were able to bring the team to a certain level, but we need match experience to settle things. We have a long season ahead of us. Our team is working very well.” said.

“Hopefully it will be a good season for us”

Stating that they want to have a good season without injury, Melih Mahmutoğlu said, “We are a new team. We have new players. I hope it will be a healthy and injury-free season for everyone. Fenerbahçe always aims for trophies and sets out for it. We have finished our friendly matches. We have a very important Presidency ahead of us.” Cup match. Challenging matches are waiting for us. I hope it will be a good season for us. It is not easy to renew the team every year. It will get better with time. Everyone is aware of what success Fenerbahce wants at the moment. There are players we have played together for a long time. After all, we all We help each other. We became a positive and good team. I hope everything will be fine for our team.” made the statement.

“We have to fight step by step”

Stating that they are a new team, Marko Guduric said, “We have a lot of new players apart from Melih and a few players. They need to know that we have to fight and fight in every game. We have to fight step by step for our duties at the end of the season.”

“Fenerbahce Beko is one of the clubs that EuroLeague cares about”

Commenting on the change in management in EuroLeague, Derya Yannier said, “European basketball should not be read over the EuroLeague. We are talking about a structure with different dynamics. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to control as in football. In football, the whole world is managed through an organizer. In basketball, there are different structures. “EuroLeague represents a very important vision for us and all the leading clubs in Europe. There is a new management in EuroLeague. We have to look at how they will present the projects in the coming years. There has been a recent change and we did not have the opportunity to meet one-on-one. The teams.” “They visit us one by one and they will visit us this week. We will host them and we will have a meeting. Here we only look at the sporty side, but Fenerbahçe Beko is one of the most important opinion leaders of European basketball. We are one of the clubs that the EuroLeague cares about.” said.

Derya Yannier used the following statements regarding Nemanja Bjelica’s injury, “Bjelica is a player who expresses very important values ​​for us. He had an injury in the national team. An effort was made to play in the European Championship, but they predicted that his injury would start to recur. “We are in the final stage of the injury, but he has not been able to train for almost a month. He is able to start individual training, but when he will reach the team level is a matter for the coaching team to decide.”