“We urge the US administration to avoid a situation that could lead to a direct military conflict with Russia.”

Russian President after Russia lost the occupied territories in its military operations in Ukraine Vladimir Putin While declaring partial mobilization in the country, he implied that if western countries continued their arms support to Kiev, they could resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

After the announcement that disturbed the whole world, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey RyabkovIn his speech on the possibility of sending US troops to Ukraine to fight against them, “Open confrontation with the US and NATO, which is pregnant with armed conflict, is not in Russia’s interest. We hope that the administration of US President Joe Biden is also aware of the danger of an uncontrolled escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. We urge the US administration to avoid a situation that could lead to direct military conflict with Russia” said.

Underlining that the United States and NATO directly support Kiev, Ryabkov said, “The option of negotiating with the United States in principle is very difficult. Together with the capitals of London and NATO, they are forcing Kiev to drag our land through direct military operations.”


Arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements during the partial mobilization announcement that they will use all their means against the West are not a nuclear threat, Ryabkov said, “We do not threaten anyone with nuclear weapons. The criteria for the use of these weapons were defined in the military doctrine and the ‘Russian State in the Nuclear Containment Area’ dated June 2, 2020. The United States deliberately poses a threat to Russia’s national security. In addition, it took the Rident-2 submarine ballistic missiles and the new B61-12 type nuclear bomb, which are intended to be used in certain scenarios, both in the army’s inventory and deployed to Europe. It’s a deliberate threat,” he said.

Ryabkov stated that they found positive the statements by the Zelenski administration that no US troops would be sent to Ukraine, adding, “Given the repeated statements of the official authorities in Ukraine that US troops will not be sent to Ukraine, the Biden administration will also cause an uncontrolled escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. “We hope you are aware of the danger,” he said.