We protect the region in the best way

The base area established in Kumartepe, at an altitude of 1800 meters, with deep valleys on three sides in the north of Iraq, which is one of the most important passage and escape routes of terrorists, played an important role in breaking the back of terrorism.

Commandos working in the base area, which is equipped with domestic and national weapons, destroy the shelters, bunkers and caves used by terrorists one by one in order to ensure border security in the Sinat-Haftanin region in the same region.

Continuing their fight against terrorism at an increasing pace despite the difficult terrain conditions, the commandos instantly neutralize the terrorists who attempt to infiltrate from time to time with their effective operational capabilities.

Mehmetçik, who dealt a heavy blow to the presence of the terrorist organization in the region as a result of the operations, gives confidence to the friend and instills fear in the enemy.

Continuing the fight against terrorism with determination, the commandos selflessly perform their duties in the base area, which has been fully equipped with an infirmary, gym, library and rest rooms. The soldiers also bake bread and prepare food in the bakery in the base area, and feed the chickens from which they use their eggs.


Commander of the Base Area, First Lieutenant Tuğlan Çilenger, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they were in the Kumartepe Base Area in the Operation Claw Tiger Operation area.

Çilenger stated that since August 25, 2019, they have been performing their duties in all kinds of climate and terrain conditions in the best way, and said:

“We protect our region of responsibility with the awareness of ‘homeland is honor’ against all kinds of threats. With our domestic and national state-of-the-art weapons, we provide security here 24/7, under the shadow of our glorious flag and in the presence of our heroic martyrs, in all weather and terrain conditions. “

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