“We haven’t been able to tell the 5-year-old son that his mother is in jail yet”

There are hundreds of names such as Hakan Altınay, Çiğdem Mater, Mine Özerdem, Can Atalay, Tayfun Kahraman and Mücella Yapıcı, who were imprisoned in this country unjustly and unlawfully. These people have nothing to do with financing and organizing the Gezi events.

There are also many people like Osman Kavala, who are unjustly imprisoned and about to complete his 5th year in prison. The name Kavala has become a symbol of all unlawful detentions and convictions.

On top of these injustices, Gülşen’s unlawful arrest served as a litmus paper. As I said in the tweet I sent as soon as I was arrested: This is a blatant murder of the law.

Why the litmus paper Gülşen’s arrest? Because it mirrors intentions. I leave to their consciences those who openly advocate the arrest, those who find it right to snatch a 5-year-old little boy from his mother because of a joke.

I will focus on those who oppose the arrest because I divide them into two groups.

In the first group, there are people who are sincere and honest about being disturbed by this injustice. Those sincere people only focused on the injustice done to Gülşen and they focused on the goal of Gülşen’s release as soon as possible. Their aim is to ensure that Gülşen, who was imprisoned for no reason because of a ridiculous joke she made to her friend, regain her freedom, her family and her 5-year-old child as soon as possible.


In the second group, there are opportunists. They do not aim to release Gülşen as soon as possible. They don’t care about Gülşen. They just focus on their own PR.

That’s why they attack people who are trying to get their freedom as soon as possible. They are after advertising with all kinds of lies. They even turned this sad event into a magazine opportunity. They also shamed Gülşen greatly.

It is possible to define an insincere human model regarding the injustice done to Gülşen as follows… They sideways desire the overthrow of Tayyip Erdoğan, but they have the logic of Erdoğan leaving and whoever comes. The newly elected “Ataturkist sauce” but essentially “Nationalist-Conservative” President should also throw women like Gülşen in jail this time for defending LGBT rights and freedoms, people like Osman Kavala and Selahattin Demirtaş stay in prison again, but as long as Tayyip Erdoğan leaves. As long as the media careers of these friends get better, their crushes are eliminated, they get a good position.

This is pure opportunism. That’s why this group likes the “so-called opposition, essentially statist” politicians who remain silent about the scandal of Gülşen’s arrest and approve of this unlawfulness.

Defending Gülşen today means defending freedom of expression.

It means advocating that people continue to be able to speak.


Last night, I called the experienced lawyer Altın Mirmir, who is also Gülşen’s lawyer, to learn the latest situation.

Altın Hanım and her son, a young lawyer and lawyer Emek Emre, had gone to prison to visit the artist and had just left Gülşen’s side when I called.

“How is his morale?” I asked, Mirmir replied:

“He’s trying to be strong, he’s keeping his spirits high, but it’s very difficult. Do you know what is the most difficult, Ms. Nagehan? Being separated from her 5-year-old son, Azur Benan. He is very young, he always asks about his mother, we haven’t been able to tell yet that his mother is in prison. How to say such a thing, Mistress Nagehan.”

I would like to address my religious-conservative readers, whose rights and freedoms I have always defended against the secularist totalitarian mentality: Please put your hand on your conscience…

In this case, is it right to separate a 5-year-old child from his mother? Is it justice? Is jail time for an inappropriate joke on stage?

Isn’t it a pity for that 5-year-old innocent pup?

I also asked Gülşen’s lawyer Altın Mirmir about the next process.

“On August 29 (that is, today) the objection period expires, Ms. Nagehan, the court will either decide on the continuation of her detention or release Gülşen. If it is decided to continue the detention, it will be waited for the indictment to be written since there is no indictment.”

I hope this is not a negative possibility. I hope that this wrong, which is a complete legal scandal, will be reversed today and Gülşen will be released.

Altın Hanım also reminded that:

“They can take all kinds of measures, they can impose a ban on leaving the country, but it is really not fair and legal to deprive her of her freedom and separate her from her children, Ms. Nagehan. You also express this. Gülşen, an artist whose house and address is known, can be found at any time, why is this detention?”

Meanwhile, there were allegations that Gülşen was given special treatment in Bakırköy Closed Women’s Prison in some media. I also asked Altın Hanım about these allegations…

“Ms. Nagehan, leave the special treatment, because the infirmary was closed for the weekend, Gülşen suffered from headaches for two days. He had no access to even the simplest medicine. Gulsen is treated the same way everyone else is treated. On the first day, he had the right to shop for 1000 TL, he filled it with towels etc. But let me tell you, the benevolence and kindness of the Turkish people is very felt. Everyone is very helpful, everyone supports each other. In the meantime, I also told about the names who supported him, and he sent you his thanks and greetings. You gave Gülşen great morale at such a difficult time.” he said.

Today, I want to believe that the honorable court members will turn from the wrong about Gülşen and liberate Gülşen.

Is it justice to tear a 5-year-old, unaware, child from his mother?

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