“We have achieved significant results in the east of Ukraine”

Zelensky: We are getting important results against Russian forces

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that they have achieved significant results in the east of the country against Russian forces.

Zelenskiy made evaluations on the agenda in the video message he published on his social media accounts.

“We have important results in the east of our country. There is enough public information on this already. Everyone heard what happened in the Port in the Donetsk region. These are steps that mean a lot to us,” Zelenskiy said. said.


Thanking the Ukrainian forces, Zelensky said, “We must liberate all our lands, and this will be the best proof that international law and human values ​​cannot be violated even by a state as arrogant as Russia.” he said.

Zelenskiy, regarding the National Security and Defense Council that he convened urgently due to Russia’s annexation of 4 regions, “Today Ukraine has decided to defend itself. All of them will be implemented. We are working for our victory.” made its assessment.


It has been reported that the advance of the Ukrainian army towards the city of Port in the Donetsk region, which has been in the hands of Russian forces for a long time, continues.

Representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sergey Cherevatiy, said that the encirclement of Russian troops in the city of Port is in the completion stage.

Although official sources have not yet made a statement, there were allegations in the local press that the Russian forces in the city were being surrounded by Ukraine.