We don’t want this pervert in our country! – New Contract

Iranian-born Mohsen Namjoo, one of the singers who mocks Islam under the name of art, is not wanted in Turkey. The fact that the fugitive singer Mohsen Namjoo, who made fun of our sublime book with his songs based on the verses of the Qur’an and was sentenced to 5 years in prison by Iran, to give a concert in 5 cities in Turkey in December, was met with criticism.

The reactions are avalanche

It is the defense of the Islamic Movement so that Namjoo, who will be on stage in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Konya and Van, will come to Turkey from the USA, where he fled between 2-10 December, not to set foot on our lands where many martyrs have been given for the sake of the Qur’an. While the campaign he started on social media grew like an avalanche; Diva-Sen Chairman Mustafa Çopursuz also made evaluations to Akit on the subject.

Çopursuz said, “We do not have the right to interfere with anyone’s religious belief, lifestyle, intellectual thought, political preference, nor do we have the authority to marginalize and exclude them.”

“We believe that people should have a sense of belonging to the values ​​they belong to. As a matter of fact, if the value we adhere to is religion; We have to pay more attention to our attitudes and actions, our understanding of life, and consequently all our actions and actions, and represent them with care. In this sense, we encounter unpleasant events from time to time. One of them is; The reason is that an Iranian artist, who is not accepted even in his country, will perform his so-called ‘art’ in some parts of our paradise in the upcoming period.

we must be awake

“Everyone should know that most, if not all, of the 85 million people are religious and have the understanding to sacrifice their lives for moral values. We have a noble nation that is extremely sensitive to sacred values. Therefore, it is necessary for every political thought, group and circle that needs the support of every segment and regardless of their opinions to tidy themselves up in the face of sensitivities. As in the past, there is a need for our authorities to be sensitive and vigilant against all demonstrations and activities that will take away the identity of our children, young people and our beloved nation today and in the future.

Opportunity should not be given

“Because anyone who mocks the faith of our beloved nation and tries to devalue them, their activities should never be allowed or even tolerated. It is certainly not true that a person who reveals his rudeness towards our holy book, the divine order Quran, and who has been expelled from his country because of this act, will be admitted to our paradise land, where 99 percent of them are Muslims, and whoever or whoever accepts this person into our country. No doubt, they are not aware of the sensitivities of our necip nation. As a result, we do not want to see Mohsen Namjoo, who is of Iranian origin, who makes fun of our holy book, the Qur’an. If it is accepted in our country, we warn those who accept it in advance.”