‘We do not accept the mind that seeks the freedom of women in reaction’

About the headscarf of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu “We will legally secure this right. We remove this from being a matter of discussion altogether. We will present our bill to the Parliament after our group meeting. CHP group, missingWe will stand behind this law ruthlessly and bravely.” While the statement continued to keep its place on the agenda, a statement came from the SOL Party on the subject.


LEFT Party, “The AKP copy opposition cannot fight the reactionary regime!” made a written statement.

“After twenty years of suppressing society from top to bottom with a reactionary religious transformation, the opposition, which must fight for secularism, surrenders to the imposition of the reactionary AKP regime, let alone do it.” The statement said:

“Today, in our country, the entire society, especially women and youth, is being tried to be crushed under the shari’aist pressure extending from sects and congregations to the Diyanet. The liberation of women and the whole society depends on gaining secularism in the face of this pressure.”

“This regime cannot be fought by trying to be a copy of this evil regime” The statement continued as follows:

“While Iranian women’s freedom revolt is echoing, it is unacceptable that the corridors of politics seek women’s freedom in reaction without women! We call on all progressive, democrat and Republican people of our country, especially women, to fight for secularism.”


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