“We do not accept any threat from our territory to neighboring countries”

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said that they will not accept any threat from their own territory to any of the neighboring and regional countries.

In his speech at the “Baghdad Cooperation and Partnership Conference” held for the second time in Jordan, Sudani stated that his country follows a policy of de-escalation by keeping itself away from slipping into a certain axis.

“Iraq remains committed to building strong relations and cooperation with all its regional and international partners.” Sudani also said that his country does not accept any interference in its internal affairs or attacks on its lands.

Efforts to resolve conflicts should not be based on the principle of power, and that this principle IraqNoting that they will not allow it to be imposed on , Sudani said, “We do not accept any threat from Iraqi territory to any of the neighboring or regional countries.” said.

Stating that they should resort to dialogue for the solution of problems, Sudani pointed out the importance of progressing through unifying issues in order to open new horizons that will establish regional comprehensive partnerships.

Noting that Iraq is facing the threat of existence due to the water crisis, Sudani said, “We are determined to work seriously with our neighbors Turkey and Iran to ensure our water security and joint management of transboundary water resources.” he said.

Apart from Jordan, which is the host of the “Baghdad Cooperation and Partnership Conference”, 11 countries including Iraq, Turkey, France, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Iran are participating.

The conference aims to help create an environment of security, stability and prosperity in Iraq.

The first conference was held in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, in August 2021.

Photo: AA