Watch The Girl In The Glass Episode 50

In the 50th episode of the Girl in the Glass series, Nalan and Hayri’s discussion attracts Muzo’s attention. What happened in the new episode of Girl on the Glass, which was broadcast on Thursday, September 29? The Girl in the Glass is on Kanal D with its latest episode in HD quality! The Girl in the Glass came to the screen with its new episode with its 50th episode. Watch the Girl in the Glass 50th Episode full! In the last episode of the Girl in the Glass, the tension between Nalan and Hayri flares up with the pressure of Feride!

Sedat’s return and the words of both Selen and Feride cause Nalan to suppress her feelings about Hayri. Rafet, who takes Sedat to the house where they live with Cana, to apologize to Alp; At the meeting he held at the company, he explains that the Chairman of the Board of Directors has now been transferred to Selen. Billur and Nalan plan a party outside to celebrate Sedat’s return. Feride, suspicious of Nalan’s panic moments in the warehouse, investigates. The trace left by Hayri does not escape Feride’s attention! Will Hayri betray herself?

Hayri, who enters to talk to Nalan, does not realize that she is being watched by Muzo. Nalan screams her anger at Hayri without any hesitation. Muzo is aware of the heated argument between the two. In the night Nalan organizes for Sedat, Hayri goes crazy with jealousy. Seeing men next to Nalan, Hayri suddenly enters the place and calls Nalan. Nalan, on the other hand, ends the night after Hayri’s hard exit and returns to the mansion. Will Muzo realize the forbidden love?

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