Wang Yi: Any plan to interfere in China’s internal affairs will face strong backlash


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, United Nations (UN) In his speech at the 77th General Assembly meeting, while making statements about global problems, he clearly TaiwanHe stated that it belongs to China. Saying that global issues can be resolved with solidarity and peace, Yi expressed his opposition to China’s interference in internal affairs. Yi said in his speech, “Since ancient times, Taiwan has been an integral part of Chinese territory. China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has always remained. The fact that the mainland and Taiwan belong to a single China has never changed. “The Cairo Declaration made it clear that all the lands and powerful islands Japan took from China, including Taiwan, would be given back to China,” he said.

Yi said, “The so-called dual representation proposal put forward by the United States and several other countries to retain Taiwan’s seat has been nothing more than a piece of paper for everyone. The one-China principle is a fundamental norm of international relations and the consensus of the international community when engaging in diplomatic relations with China. The Chinese not only protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also truly preserve the peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. China will continue to work for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and efforts. Taiwan’s separatist activities with the most firm determination “Any plan to interfere in China’s internal affairs, any move to meet the strong opposition of all Chinese and prevent the reunification of China is doomed to be crushed in the shadow of history,” he said.


Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Yi said that the world is in a period full of difficulties and that there is also hope in a century where changes are accelerating. “The world continues to move towards multipolarity, economic globalization is deepening. Culturally diverse countries are becoming more interconnected than ever before. Peace and development remain the main trend of our time.” said. Yi said, “In order to build a community with a common future for humanity, we must first defend peace and oppose war. Peace is crucial to our future and is the foundation of the common security of all countries. We must address differences peacefully and resolve disputes through dialogue and consultation.” said.


“We must sustain development and eradicate poverty. We must put development at the center of the international agenda. We must foster new drivers for global development, create a Global Development Partnership, and see people in every country enjoy the fruits of development more equitably,” Yi said. used the phrases.


Defending the open world economy, Chinese Foreign Minister Yi said, “President Xi of the People’s Republic of China pointed out that openness is the surest way to human welfare and progress. We must stick to the principles of openness and inclusiveness. We must support the multilateral trading system and work for an open world economy.”


Yi emphasized that global cooperation is of great importance in solving problems. Yi said, “As we face a series of global challenges, we must resort to cooperation. Our greatest strength is solidarity. Our best strategy is to stick together and the only way to progress is a win-win cooperation. It is natural for countries to have differences and problems that need to increase mutual understanding on the basis of equality and respect. “We must engage in dialogue, consultation and win-win cooperation. We must oppose group politics together and prevent conflict. We must strengthen solidarity and oppose division,” he said.


Defending that tyranny should be opposed in order to ensure equality in the world, Yi said, “Main international issues should be addressed by all countries and by international rules created by all countries together. No country should abuse its power to bully over others. We must defend and practice multilateralism. Rights, rules and “We must promote the equality of all countries in terms of opportunities and establish a new kind of international relations between mutual respect, equality and justice, and wheel rejoining.”

Yi said that China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the world’s largest developing country, is committed to solidarity and cooperation with other countries. “China will follow the trend of the times and pursue the common interests of the global majority. China is busy building global peace. We actively support international peace,” Yi said. Yi drew attention to China’s approach to promoting peace through negotiations that are fair and pragmatic against global crises. Yi said, “We aim to address the root causes of its problems, trying to support all efforts to assist in the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis. The immediate priority is to facilitate peace signs. The solution is balanced, to address the legitimate security concerns of all parties and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties,” Yi said. to create an effective and sustainable security architecture.” said. Yi stated that China has chosen the path of peace and development against global issues, and suggested that a part of this is cooperation. “China will work with other countries to maintain peace and shoulder the responsibility of promoting development, solidarity and progress,” Yi said.