Waited for 40 minutes, interview did not take place

famous journalist Christiane Amanpour, Iranian‘in Mahsa AminiHe made statements about the latest events in the country after he was arrested and killed.

Amanpour says protests continue in Iran and women wear headscarves after Mahsa Amini’s murder. “burning” to get information about events, by expressing Iranian President Ibrahim Reisi announced that he had contacted

Amanpour, “long planning and preparations” He said that he expected to have an interview with Reisi afterwards, but with Reisi. “couldn’t meet” expressed.

Amanpour, “40 minutes after the start of the meeting, a deputy of the Chief came to him” and to himself “He suggested that she wear a headscarf since it is Muharram and Safar months” expressed.


Christiane Amanpourthis offer from the chief’s assistant “politely” She refused to say anything about the headscarf in New York. “of law or tradition” He said that no Iranian president he had met before had made such a request outside the country.

Amanpour, referring to the Chief’s meeting with his deputy, “The deputy made it clear that if I didn’t wear a headscarf, there would be no meeting. He said it was ‘a matter of respect’ and referred to the current situation in Iran, referring to the protests that swept the country.” said.

‘The meeting did not take place’

Amanpour, the assistant’s demeanor “unprecedented” stating that there is a situation “I said once again that I could not participate in this unprecedented and unexpected situation. So we walked away. The meeting did not take place.” said.

Amanpour also said that amid the ongoing protests in Iran, it is time to speak to the Presidential Chief. “it could be a momentous moment” he added.