Volkan Demirel: Hatayspor deserves higher in the ranking

Sport Toto Super Leaguewill face Antalyaspor in the 18th week of the HataysporHe continued his preparations with his training. Technical Director at Osman Çalgın Facilities Volkan Demirel In the training held under the management of the football players, after the warm-up movements, the pass drill and tactical work were done.


Expressing that Hatayspor is not satisfied with its position in the standings, Demirel said, “Every match is difficult now. It will become more difficult in the second half of the league. Because the teams will make their reinforcements and fill in the missing places. We will also make our match-match evaluations. Even if we do not get the desired score, the resistance, “The spirit of change and ownership of the players began to emerge. We may appear in the relegation line as of the first half, but Hatayspor does not deserve this position. My goal is always higher. Because Hatayspor deserves higher in the rankings,” he said.


Demirel stated that their goal is 3 points in the match against Antalyaspor, which he is preparing for. “With the start of the transfer season, we continue to work to recruit 2 or 3 players to the team. Transfers are not just by wanting to make them. We will evaluate the conditions and the situation of the players we want in their clubs. It can benefit us both financially and morally. “We are planning to recruit players who will not tire us out. We are thinking of bringing in players who are open to development, aged 26-27. That’s why we keep the transfers secret,” he said.

Burak Öksüz and Soninin, who have injuries, will not be able to play against Antalyaspor.