Vladimir Zelensky warns conscripted Russians

The Ukrainian leader said, “If you want to live, run. What are you fighting for?” used the phrases.

Vladimir Zelensky warns conscripted Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the call for partial mobilization for the Russian army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that they have called 300,000 reservists to duty.

Zelensky, in his post on his Telegram account, warned the Russian soldiers in question to “surrender if they want to survive”.

“If you want to live, surrender”

In his statement, Zelensky said, “If you want to live, run. If you want to live, surrender. If you want to live, fight on the streets for your freedom. Everything has already been taken from you. said.

Explaining that there are differences between the Russian men that Putin called to mobilize last week and the powerful Russian oligarchs, Zelensky continued by addressing the soldiers in Russia:

“What are you fighting for?” he asked.

“What are you fighting for? You only have debts and some food to eat at the end of the day. Now it’s mobilization. Fight for what’s yours! Don’t intrude on our land, our souls, our culture.”

Also reacting to the referendum held in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky noted that their main task is to “coordinate actions with partners in response to fake referendums and related threats by Russia”.

“It’s not 2014, everyone understands everything”

“This is not 2014 (when Crimea was annexed by Russia). Everyone understands everything and they will definitely take action.” said Zelensky, “If anyone in Russia thinks that what they have done in the occupied territories will get away with it, they are mistaken.” he said.

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