Uurcan akr’s new salary has been announced! great height


Trabzonspor signed a new contract with Uurcan akr and Djaniny. While the contract of Uurcan Akr was extended until 2027, the annual wage of the captain was increased from 9 million TL to 25 million TL. A two-year contract was made with Djaniny. The star forward will earn 1.5 million euros.

Trabzonspor, while adding Umut Bozok, Yusuf Yazc, Maxi Gomez and Naci nvar to its staff in the last week of the transfer, also acted quickly in the transfer. The Black Sea team renewed the contract of Uurcan Akr, whose contract has been on the agenda for a long time, until 2027. The captain’s wage was raised seriously. The new salary of Uurcan, who earned 9 million TL in the championship season, was determined as 25 million TL. This figure that Uurcan will receive will be the highest salary among domestic players, that is, the ceiling wage. Trabzonspor Management also renewed their marriage with Djaniny Semedo, whose contract will expire at the end of the season. Yeil Burun Adal striker from the 31 side will sweat the Bordeaux-Blue form until 2025.


Djaniny, who will earn 1.4 million Euros this season, will receive 1.5 million Euros in the following years. The contract also included bonuses based on success. Abdlkadir mr’s new contract, whose contract was extended to 4 plus 1 year 2 years ago, came into effect and the contract expiry date was updated as 2024. It is expected that the young star’s salary will also be improved.


Muhammet Taha Tepe, who became the second goalkeeper after Erce Kardeler left the team, and Kaan Moradaolu, who was on the 19th side, also renewed their contracts. Taha will play for Trabzonspor until 2027. Kaan’s contract was also extended until 2025. The management has applied a raise to the salary of both players. Trabzonspor, which makes the moves in the transfer, is expected to sign a professional contract with some names from the infrastructure in the days ahead.

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