Use of water is prohibited in Seville, Spain, except for basic needs.

Due to the drought problem in Spain, a ban was imposed on the use of water except for basic needs in the city of Sevilla in the south of the country.

Emasesa, the water management company affiliated to the Municipality of Sevilla, announced that the use of water other than basic needs was prohibited due to the growing drought problem and the water reserve in the dams falling below 268 cubic meters.

It has been reported that fines will be determined for those who do not comply with the ban on water consumption, which covers all individuals and institutions in the city.

Sevilla Mayor Antonio Munoz said, “We are moving from recommendations against unnecessary water consumption to prohibitions. We will begin to penalize inappropriate drinking water uses that are not suitable for our current reserve status.” said.

The Municipality of Sevilya, which prohibits the use of water that is not considered a basic need such as washing cars, watering the garden, filling the pool, announced that it is on alert due to the scarcity of water resources and aims to reduce the daily water consumption per person to 90 liters.

The driest year in the last 30 years SpainThe water occupancy rate in dams and ponds in general is 28.5 percent.

The occupancy rate in the basin of the Guadalquivir River, which also passes through Seville, decreased to 20 percent.

The drought problem also negatively affects the agricultural sector, especially olive and grape production.

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