US suspends F-35 deliveries

US suspends F-35 deliveries

The United States temporarily suspended deliveries of the aircraft to the American military and customer countries after it detected that the alloy of one of the magnets used in the F-35 engine was imported from China.

Lockheed Martin, the main manufacturer of the aircraft, said in a statement that it was determined that the alloy of a magnet used in one of the turbo engine pumps of the aircraft was imported from China.

According to the news of AA; in the statement, to ensure that the material used on the aircraft complies with the necessary laws and regulations. USA It was noted that the delivery of the aircraft to the military and customer countries that are the buyers of the aircraft was suspended.


In the statement, it was stated that the aircraft that were delivered and used at the moment were not affected by this process.

The US Department of Defense Contract Management Agency warned the Joint Fighter Aircraft F-35 Office on August 19 that the magnet used in the aircraft was produced with raw material imported from China, and at the end of August, one of the suppliers told the company that the raw material they used was delivered to China. It was noted that it was taken from the USA, but that the magnets were magnetized in the USA.

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