US ‘no comment’ on Greece’s S-300 lock

US ‘no comment’ on Greece’s S-300 lock

While Greece’s placing radar locks on Turkish F-16 aircraft performing NATO missions with S-300 air defense systems, the tension between the two countries escalated. USA The Department of Defense (Pentagon) declined to comment on the matter.

Greece raised the level of its provocative harassments by locking the Turkish F-16s performing NATO missions off Crete with S-300 air defense systems, but the Pentagon leaves questions about these actions unanswered.

Pentagon Spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, AA correspondent, “Greek S-300s locked the Turkish F-16s performing NATO mission, do you think this is acceptable behavior?” “I have nothing to say about it.” gave the answer.

The reporter said, “The USA also flies in the airspace of many foreign countries as part of its NATO mission. If such a thing is done to the USA during such a mission, would it be acceptable for you?” “(US Secretary of Defense Lloyd) Austin has spoken to both his Turkish and Greek counterparts in the past and called for continued efforts to reduce tensions in the Aegean through constructive dialogue,” Ryder said. used the phrases.

While the spokesperson avoided answering questions directly, the Pentagon sees this as a diplomatic issue rather than a purely military one.

*The image of the news was served by AA.

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