US Ambassador to Russia Sullivan, who completed his term, left Moscow


As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, USAAmbassador of Moscow John SullivanIt has been announced that he has resigned from his post and will retire. In a statement made by the US Embassy in Moscow, “The US Russian Ambassador “John J. Sullivan has completed his term as US ambassador and left Moscow today.”

“Ambassador Sullivan was appointed in December 2019 and has served as Ambassador for nearly 3 years. He is retired from a career in the civil service where he has worked for over 40 years, including his service as Deputy Secretary of State and senior positions in the Ministries of Justice, Defense and Trade,” the statement said. will be”. It has been stated that, until a new appointment is made by US President Joe Biden to replace Ambassador Sullivan, Elizabeth Rood, the Deputy Head of Mission to Russia, will be the highest US diplomat in Moscow.


Appointed as Ambassador to Moscow in December 2019 after being nominated as the Russian Ambassador by former US President Donald Trump, Sullivan served as the Russian Ambassador for nearly 3 years, covering the Trump and Biden administrations.

On the other hand, Sullivan attended the funeral held in Moscow yesterday for Mikhail Gorbachev, the last President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), who died on 30 August.


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