Unprecedented discount on sunflower oil! It is half the price in the markets, the liter that grows buys the liter: Catch before the stocks run out.

With the increasing inflation in Turkey and the fluctuation in the dollar exchange rate, food prices had increased one after another. Sunflower oil is one of the products most affected by the price hikes. Citizens who are disturbed by the increase in prices have closely followed the discounts made by the chain markets in order to get discounted oil. The expected news came from those markets. Sunflower oil has fallen to half the price. Last campaign of the year, catch up before it ends. Here are the details…

After the price hikes since the beginning of the year sunflower oil prices had sprung up and reached exorbitant figures. Consumers who had difficulty in purchasing oil followed the discounts made by chain markets. The expected news came from those markets. The last campaign of the year, sunflower oil prices fell at this price for the first time. He fills his grown-up bag. Arrive before stocks last, you only have one day left! Here are the details of the sunflower oil news…


It has been announced that a bomb discount will be made this weekend in A101 markets, which are the first choice of consumers with their quality and cheap products. Discounts were made on many products, from oil to tea, from rice to fruits. Here it is, Saturday, December 31st A101 current products catalog full list of discounted products and price information…


  • 2L Vera Sunflower Oil 65 TL
  • 500 g Çaykur Altınbaş Black Tea 44.75 TL
  • 400 g Nut Master Cocoa Hazelnut Cream 19.95 TL
  • Fairy 50’s All-in-One Dishwasher Capsule 134.95 TL
  • 4L ACE Bleach 44.90 TL

  • 10 kg ALO Powder Detergent 139 TL
  • Gliss Shampoo Types 39.90 TL
  • Slazenger Men’s Perfume Types 59.95 TL
  • 1000 g Plateau Osmancik Rice 29.90 TL
  • 2 Pieces of Dardanel Tuna 46.90 TL
  • Pineapple 26.95 TL


  • Deveci Pear 16.50 TL
  • Local Banana 16.95 TL
  • Starking Apple 10.95 TL
  • Chestnut 55.90 TL
  • Tangerine 12.95 TL