Unprecedented discount on 5 liters of sunflower oil! First time at this price, catch up before stocks run out: Boss is crazy

With the increasing inflation and the fluctuation in the exchange rate in Turkey, basic food prices had increased one after another. Sunflower oil prices are among the products most affected by the price hikes. While citizens were following the discounts made by chain markets in order to buy oil cheaply, the expected news came. 5 liters of sunflower oil fell at those prices for the first time. The first discount news of the new year has arrived. Here are the details of the discount news…

Reaching record prices with the war between Russia and Ukraine sunflower oil prices on the citizens’ agenda. With the year 2023, discount news started to come. 5 liters of sunflower oil fell at those prices for the first time. Arrive before the stocks run out, the one who gets his bag is running. Here are the details of the sunflower oil discount…

Sunflower oil prices, which are indispensable for kitchens, had reached insane figures after the successive price hikes. While the last-minute developments continue to occur in sunflower oil prices, which are on the agenda of the citizens, the expected news came. Prices have dropped, people are running.


The expected news came while citizens were investigating whether there was a discount in sunflower oil prices. In this direction, Cimri.com site made a new announcement for its customers and it was stated that Bizim 5 lt sunflower oil would be sold for 189.90 TL. Hearing the prices flocked. This opportunity is not to be missed!


After the news of the discount, citizens began to question the current sunflower oil prices. Alright What are the 2023 sunflower oil prices? Here are the current sunflower oil prices;

  • Our 5 lt sunflower oil: 189,90
  • Nourish 5 lt sunflower oil: 185,90
  • Komili 5 lt sunflower oil: 215,90
  • Orchid tin 5 lt sunflower oil: 199,95
  • Carrefour 5 liters of sunflower oil: 149.50