Unknown disease of King Charles – MEHMET BARLAS

King Charles III, as soon as he took the throne, sat on the agenda of the world public opinion with the instructions he gave. The most talked about of these instructions was to his son, Prince Harry. “Shut up Megan don’t bring it to the funeral” was his instruction. Harry’s American wife had made hurtful comments about the Palace in various interviews. Meanwhile, the swelling and redness of King Charles’ fingers caused speculation. king’s have an unknown disease and as soon as his son ascended the throne which he intends to hand over to William it is said.
Recently the British Prime Minister has changed and the Queen who approves of this has died. Now the country is in a very cold winter getting ready. It is stated that a quarter of England will remain in the cold if the necessary precautions are not taken. Of course, on the other hand, the established order of England continues to provoke the whole of Europe against Russia. As it will be remembered, Putin declared that London would be the first city to be bombed in case of a real war. In other words, whether the queen or the prime minister changes, England does not give up on its historical habits.

The future of Europe, which got itself into an energy and food crisis as a result of the provocation and instructions of the USA and England, will be discussed in Uzbekistan. President Erdogan’s Putin at Shanghai Five summit His meeting with him is eagerly awaited. Putin voiced that grain shipments from the Black Sea are only sent to European countries and that poor countries are sacrificed. He also stated that the currently shipped grains are only Ukrainian grain and Russian grain has never been used. Erdogan gave all this right. Europe, which is now experiencing a management crisis, has to make a decision. If he continues to impose an embargo against Russia, he will experience a food crisis as well as an energy crisis. It is unbelievable that Europe is burying itself in darkness.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer’s accusation of treason against the Ottoman Empire on the Independence Day of Izmir and not mentioning Greece at all, brought to my mind a program we made with Murat Bardakçı on NTV five years ago. In this program, Bardakçı clearly and unequivocally stated that Atatürk went to Samsun on the orders of Vahdettin, and that this was explained in detail. ‘a planned ‘Ottoman State Operation’ He explained that with documents. A mayor should not make exaggerated statements on historical issues. The important thing for him is his service to the people of Izmir. İzmir complains a lot about the service mentality of the CHP and Tunç Soyer. Unfortunately, we see that İzmir lags far behind in terms of infrastructure and services. People of Izmir Waiting for service from Soyer. It should not be the primary duty of a mayor to wink at Greece, which is trying to imprison us on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and which is protecting terrorists, and insulting his ancestors.

The world found the Ukraine-Russia war in its arms, without healing the wounds of the pandemic. These crises gave birth to a supply and energy crisis. As a result, the world faced the monster of inflation. Fixed-income people in Turkey complain about rising housing prices and exorbitant rents. President Erdoğan struck the brunt of this problem with the largest housing project in the history of the republic. An investment of 362 billion dollars. The impact of this investment on the sector will exceed 1.5 trillion. New job opportunities will be opened for 100 thousand people and 1 million people will have safe houses from unhealthy conditions. Most importantly, there was a hope of owning a home for the minimum wage earners. It also has an industrial dimension. 10 thousand new industrial sites will be established. I hope it will be concluded in a short time and we will find a solution to this global problem that will set an example for the world.


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