Unexpected raise from TurkNet: 65 percent!

TurkNet, one of the local internet service providers that ranked first in 2022 with an average connection speed of 50 Mbps offered to its users in Turkey, where the average internet speed is 35 Mbps, announced today that it has increased its subscription prices. Here is TurkNet 2023 internet subscription price…

Up to 65 percent increase in TurkNet internet subscription price!

According to the messages sent by TurkNet to some of its users today and the statement made by the company, the internet subscription price has increased. Until today, people who wanted to use GigaFiber over TurkNet infrastructure paid 139.90 TL. On the other hand, the price of services purchased through TurkTelekom infrastructure increased to 169.90 TL.

But as of today, the price of GigaFiber, which is 139.90 TL, has increased to 229.90 TL. Similarly, the service received over different infrastructure, which was 169.90 TL, is now 249.90 TL. Of course, we see that this hike has not been implemented as of now, and the old price is listed in current applications.

Internet speed record broken!

Internet speed record broken!

The internet speed record in Japan has been exceeded. The researchers managed to transfer almost twice as much data as all internet traffic per second.

However, although the information message has not been sent to him yet, users who enter the online transactions section are faced with a discounted plan applied over the increased price when they want to pay with the 10-month advance payment method (in case of using the right of withdrawal, the remaining usage fee is refunded).

In similar price increases made in the previous period, TurkNet did not reflect the increase for a while by protecting its existing subscribers, only demanding this difference from its new users. But this time it seems that the price difference will be reflected directly.

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