‘Unconventional’ protocol at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral: Interesting prohibitions…

It was reported that unusual practices were planned in the high-level protocol rules at the funeral ceremony to be held for Queen Elizabeth II of England.

According to the news of the website Politico, for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, who died at the age of 96 last week, on September 19, a message was sent to the British embassies by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs on how to make the official protocol at the weekend.


In the message, it was stated that the ceremony at the Royal Church of Westminster Abbey will be overcrowded, and the heads of state or government who will attend the ceremony will only have room for themselves and one person who will be with them, such as their spouses.

It was emphasized that it is not possible for the leaders’ teams or people other than their families to attend the ceremony. It was stated that if the leaders do not attend, a high-level official such as a minister can attend the ceremony to represent them.


According to the protocol document, the heads of state and government who will go to London for the ceremony, in order to prevent the confusion that the protocol will create at the airports in the city. “as much as possible” will be required to use commercial flights, not their own private planes.

It will be transferred to foreign delegations where special flight arrangements and private plane parks are not possible at London’s Heathrow Airport. Leaders and their delegations who definitely want to use their own private planes will be requested to land at less busy airports outside of London.

Also, leaders will not be able to use helicopters. Helicopters will not be available for arrivals in central London, as there will be too many flights over London before the funeral.


Leaders will have to not use their official vehicles while going to the place where the funeral will be held. Next, heads of state and government will be transported by bus.

The buses will go to Westminster Abbey Church, where the ceremony will take place, from west London, accompanied by escorts, under tight security. After the ceremony, the leaders will be taken to the west of London by buses, where they will be able to switch to their own official vehicles.


The unusual protocol that the UK will implement in the largest international organization it will organize in recent years has caused the reaction of some diplomats.

An unnamed diplomat “Can you imagine (US President) Joe Biden getting on the bus?” he responded.


The protocol message of the British Foreign Office included other details about the funeral.

Accordingly, the Queen’s son, King Charles III, who succeeded to the throne, will hold a reception at Buckingham Palace for the leaders going to London the evening before the funeral.

The leaders will pay their respects by visiting the Queen’s body, sign the condolence book at the historic Lancaster House campus of the British Foreign Office, and hold a collective moment of silence.