Unbelievable move to remove the tenant from the landlord! Pierced the ceiling and…

In Laleli, the shop owner M.Ş. allegedly poured garlic water, oil and bleach to smuggle customers through the ceiling, which he drilled holes to get his tenant out.

Guiaunai Roustamova, who has been a tenant since 2018, said, “He wanted to increase the rent to 112 thousand liras, we could not agree on the rent. He made holes in the ceiling of the store. Garlic water, oil and bleach began to pour. Therefore, the store was damaged, the clothes became unusable. “I have a loss of approximately 100 thousand liras,” he said.


Guiaunai Roustamova, who runs a textile store in Fatih Laleli, has been having problems with the owner for about a year and a half due to the demand for a rent increase. According to Roustamova’s claim; owner M.S. He wanted to increase the rental price, which was 5 thousand liras in June, to 6 thousand dollars, that is, approximately 112 thousand liras with the current dollar exchange rate. M.Ş. tried various ways to get Guiaunai Roustamova out of the shop, who stated that this rent increase could not be met.

He cut off the electricity they shared in July, preventing the shop from selling. Roustamova started using batteries to light the shop. In September, the owner pierced the floor of the upper floor that belonged to him and made holes in the ceiling of the store. He started pouring garlic water, oil and bleach down these holes so that no customers could come to the shop. Because of this, the store was damaged, the clothes became unusable. Guiaunai Roustamova suffered a loss of approximately 100 thousand liras. Guiaunai Roustamova complained to the owner. The property owner M.Ş. On the other hand, he stated that the demand for the rental fee was not correct and that water was flowing to the lower floor because the upper floor of the store was being renovated.

Tenant Guiaunai Roustamova

Tenant Guiaunai Roustamova


Guiaunai Roustamova stated that the problems related to the rental cost started towards the end of the pandemic, “He demanded rent from us even though we were open during the pandemic. We paid all the rent despite him. After the pandemic, the owner called us and asked for an exorbitant amount. We could not agree on the rent for a long time. Last June. Disputes increased in July. The owner cut off our electricity in July. We are running our store with batteries at the moment. Later, we faced insults and swearing. Now I have been suffering a lot since September. It started to pierce our ceiling. We became inoperable. Water started to flow continuously from the hole. Later, although we closed the hole, it started to open a hole again and pour garlic water and vinegar. These started to increase for a month. Our lawsuit continues. We are experiencing such a victimization even though we pay our rent regularly. While our rent was 5 thousand liras, we asked for 6 thousand dollars. More or less. I have a loss of 100 thousand lira. My products are damaged too much. rd,” he said.