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Last minute news! “This ship is a symbol of what the world can achieve when we act together,” Guterres said of the “Brave Commander”, one of the grain-carrying ships, following the agreement reached despite geopolitical divisions, growing inequalities and challenges.

Stating that with a unique and comprehensive initiative, the grain ships were able to leave the war zone, Guterres said, “Ukraine and Russia, with the support of Turkey, came together and succeeded despite enormous complications, opposition and hellish war. Some might call it a miracle, but in reality it is a multifaceted one. diplomacy,” he said.

Guterres noted that with the grain agreement, a safe passage was provided for ships loaded with grain, and that these ships also carried hope.

More than 1 million 43 thousand 286 thousand tons of grain has been shipped from Ukraine so far.


“We need hope and more, we need action.” Guterres pointed out that the problem in the global fertilizer market should be solved urgently.

“Unless action is taken soon, the global fertilizer shortage will quickly turn into a global food shortage,” Guterres warned.

Guterres, who also directed criticism towards social media platforms, said:

“Social media platforms based on a business model that monetizes anger, rage and negativity do indescribable harm to societies. Hate speech, disinformation and abuse, especially targeting women and vulnerable groups, is on the rise. Our data is bought and sold to influence our behavior, ignoring our privacy, spying.” software and surveillance are out of control.”

Referring to the divisions in the face of the problems facing the world, Guterres said, “Geopolitical divisions undermine the functioning of the Security Council, international law, people’s trust and belief in democratic institutions, and any kind of international cooperation. We cannot continue like this.”

Stating that cooperation and dialogue is “the only way in the world we live in”, Guterres stated that no global problem can be solved alone and a world coalition is needed.

Guterres pointed out that the world’s eyes are turned to the Ukraine-Russia war, but the problems continue in different parts of the world, from Afghanistan to Africa, from Libya to Syria, from the Israel-Palestine conflict to Myanmar and Yemen. He asked them not to ignore it.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres continued:

“About 94 countries, most of them in Africa, with 1.6 billion people, are facing a terrible storm. The economic and social repercussions of the epidemic, such as rising food and energy prices, rising debt burden, fast-escalating inflation and lack of access to finance, are feeding each other, one after the other. “It increases inequalities, creates difficulties, delays the energy transition and threatens global financial collapse. Social unrest is inevitable and conflict is not far off, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not impossible to imagine a world without extreme poverty, poverty or hunger.”

Guterres, who also called on the leaders to impose taxes on fossil fuel companies to combat the climate crisis, said: “Our world is dependent on fossil fuels and it’s time to intervene. We must hold fossil fuel companies accountable.”


The knot in the grain crisis that started with the Ukraine war was untied last July in Istanbul.

The agreement that will enable the shipment of grain from Ukraine was signed at the Presidency Dolmabahçe Labor Office on July 22.

The agreement under the auspices of President Erdoğan was signed by Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense on behalf of Turkey, Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu on behalf of Russia, Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov on behalf of Ukraine, and Secretary General Antonio Guterres on behalf of the UN, who witnessed the signing ceremony.

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