UN reacts to death of 6 migrants pushed back off Greek coast

‘Immigrant’ reaction from UN to Greece

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reacted to the death of 6 of the irregular migrants that Greek security forces pushed back from territorial waters yesterday.

UNHCR Spokesperson Shabia Mantoo gave a written answer to the question of the death of 6 of the irregular migrants pushed back from the territorial waters by the Greek security forces yesterday.

“These loss of life is unacceptable. We reiterate that timely and effective search and rescue efforts should be urgently resumed in the Mediterranean at the initiative of the competent authorities,” Mantoo said. used the phrase.

Sharing the information that more than 1300 migrants have lost their lives trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean and Northwest African routes since the beginning of 2022, Mantoo said, “Search and rescue efforts at sea are of critical importance to prevent loss of life, but are an international responsibility.” made its assessment.

While 73 irregular migrants pushed back by Greek elements were rescued off the coast of Mu─čla yesterday, the bodies of 6 migrants, including 2 babies, 3 children and one woman, were found.

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