Ukraine’s NATO membership should be considered another time

US looks ‘cold’ to Ukraine’s NATO membership

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted that Ukraine’s application for NATO membership should be addressed at another time, and that the most important assistance at the moment is support on the ground.

Sullivan at the White House daily press briefing USAHe made evaluations about the foreign policy of Turkey and answered the questions of the journalists.

Evaluating Ukraine’s application for accelerated accession to NATO, Sullivan said, “The United States has been supporting NATO’s open-door policy for many years. The decision on NATO membership is taken between 30 allies and the countries that wish to join. The best way to assist Ukraine is to directly assist the field. We are of the opinion that the application for membership to NATO should be considered at another time. made its assessment.

Sullivan also condemned Russia’s annexation of 4 regions of Ukraine and noted that new aid to Ukraine will be announced next week.

Referring to the attacks on the Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline, Sullivan stated that this was an “open sabotage act” and said, “Russia is always to blame for its own fault, it puts this blame on others. We have seen this many times. However, there are too many points to investigate about Nord Stream 2. “We will not reveal who is responsible for this until physical evidence is collected. However, Russia’s claim that this action was carried out by the USA or other countries is absolutely false.” said.