Two strategic partnerships from Togg

Togg has signed a strategic business partnership with technology company SMART-iX and software company Etiya, which produces solutions for user experience using artificial intelligence.

According to the statement made by Togg, Togg, which is preparing to take its first born electric smart device, C SUV, off the band in the first quarter of 2023, has made two important strategic collaborations that will expand the ecosystem formed around its smart device, which is a part of the mobility ecosystem.

Togg signed an agreement with SMART-iX, a technology company that produces solutions for user experience using artificial intelligence, and Etiya, a global software company in Turkey, with a ceremony held in IT Valley. Setting out with the aim of offering much more than a car connected to the services it calls Smart Life, Togg has signed a strategic business partnership with SMART-iX, the startup founded by Turkish entrepreneur Mehmet Arziman in Germany, to develop smart life solutions.

Clever energy Working on solutions that will provide users with a comfortable mobility experience such as smart living solutions in smart cities and new mobility services, Togg will develop innovative solutions that center the user in a smart mobility ecosystem with SMART-iX.

Aiming to provide an uninterrupted experience to its users with its globally registered differentiating approach USECASEMobility vision, Togg will also work with the global software company Etiya in its efforts to meet the instant needs of users from all touch points with a personalized experience. Etiya, which offers digital transformation applications based on customer experience with its artificial intelligence supported product portfolio, will take part in digital developments together with Togg engineers to provide a unique user experience.

“We will develop new technologies together”

Togg’s CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş, whose views were given in the statement, stated that cooperation is very important for the growth of the mobility ecosystem and the development of new technologies, and said, “While designing our smart device, we continue to work to establish the ecosystem with the business models it will need. At this point, we attach great importance to our collaborations with startups and globally competent companies that play a critical role in shaping the mobility ecosystem. We are happy to partner with Etiya, a startup that produces technological solutions for a smarter life like SMART-iX, and Turkey’s global software company, and we believe that we will create sustainable value together.”

“We are working for the smart mobility ecosystem”

Mehmet Arziman, the founder and CEO of SMART-iX, stated that they are very excited about the Togg strategic partnership and said, “Our cooperation with Togg is an important step we have taken to grow our company. Especially in the field of user experience, we have developed an uninterrupted and comfortable approach with the technologies we have developed based on artificial intelligence. We become a part of the experience process. Together with Togg, we aim to develop innovative solutions that center the user in a smart mobility ecosystem.” made its assessment.

“We produce solutions for instant needs”

Etiya Co-Founder and CEO Aslan Doğan stated that they are particularly happy to make a strategic partnership with Togg, which stands out with its user-oriented approach as a company based on user experience, and said: “With our digital user platform, which is at the center of the Togg mobility ecosystem, we develop technologies that enable perfect management of all interactions that touch users. We will continue to develop solutions to meet the instant needs of users.” made the statement.

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