‘Two of the murderers are inspectors at the Ministry of Labor’

The horrific incident in which musician Onur Şener was killed took place in a place in Ankara’s Çankaya district, last night.

Allegedly, three people in the venue, whose identities have not yet been determined, requested a song from musician Onur Şener. Musician Onur Şener said that he did not know the song. Thereupon, three people started arguing with the musician during the closing of the venue.

As the argument escalated and turned into a fight, three people attacked Onur Şener with bottles, and it turned into a battlefield. While the broken glass bottles were stuck in Onur Şener’s neck, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene upon a tip-off.

Medical teams sent Onur Şener, who was seriously injured in the fight, to the hospital. Despite all the interventions made here, Onur Şener could not be saved. Police detained three people in connection with the incident.


On the other hand, Haluk Levent shared his condolence message after the tragic event, “I can’t believe it. Honor! My beautiful brother! How did they cut you off? And a request for a song! Where we are going is not clear, we are not certain…” made statements.

Levent, who later shared a new post, wrote:

“Now the Dudes have reported. Two of the killers are inspectors at the Ministry of Labor and one works at TAI. I’m even more shocked. They smashed Onur’s face with glasses.

ALI G. ministry of labor bureaucrat

İLKER K. ministry of labor inspector

Semih S. Engineer at TAI”