Two critical vulnerabilities found in Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung Galaxy New security vulnerabilities affecting users have been identified. Cybersecurity firm NCC Group has announced that Galaxy smartphones Galaxy Store He stated that there are two critical vulnerabilities in the application. It was stated that hackers can infiltrate the smartphone and install the application they want thanks to these vulnerabilities.

Last minute update for Samsung Galaxy Store

The first vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-21433, allowed attackers to install any application without the user’s knowledge. knows. The second vulnerability, CVE-2023-21434, allows attackers to run any web code they want.

Security researchers have found that the Galaxy Store contains an improperly configured filter. That is, tapping a malicious link in the app pre-installed on the Samsung device can bypass the URL filter and launch an attacker-controlled web code.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy M54 5G has been revealed!

The design of the Samsung Galaxy M54 5G has been revealed!

With the year 2023, the design of Samsung’s Galaxy M54 5G model, which introduced its new smartphones in order, has also emerged.

According to the researchers’ statements, these vulnerabilities can lead malicious people to access the personal data of device owners and crash the application. Attackers can send requests to the Galaxy Store by instructing them to install apps. This request, sent to the store, also provides attackers with more options by providing information on whether the app was opened after installation.

Samsung was quick to release the update that fixes the security vulnerabilities of the Galaxy Store app. However, the version update has not yet been deployed to all models. However Android 13It should be noted that you are not affected by these security vulnerabilities if you have a Galaxy device with .

It should be noted that these vulnerabilities are not specific to Samsung devices. It is important to remember that any app store may be vulnerable to similar attacks. Users should be especially careful when clicking on links from unknown sources. It should also update apps regularly.

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