Turks dominated the market! Chinese giants will produce in Turkey and sell to Europe

Chinese promotion companies are preparing to invest in Turkey. The disruption of the supply chain in China due to the effect of the pandemic has increased the attractiveness of Turkey in the promotion sector. The world’s leading 100 Chinese company executives came to Turkey to see the investment opportunities on the spot. The Chinese, which are in cooperation negotiations with Turkish companies, are preparing to establish 3 factories in Turkey. Promotional Products Manufacturers and Sellers Association (PROMOTÜRK) President Mehmet Yücetürk said that after the outbreak, the Chinese’s interest in Turkey increased with the breaking of the supply chain.


Yücetürk said, “Due to the increase in freight prices, the product sent by the Chinese to Europe has become expensive. Therefore, Turkey is an attractive country for Chinese investors. They want to produce promotional products in Turkey and sell them to Europe in their meetings with Turkish companies. It was decided to establish the factory in Turkey. The factories will be put into service at the beginning of 2023,” he said. Yücetürk stated that the factories will be established in the cities with the 5th and 6th investment incentives in Anatolia and said, “The production of products such as thermos, steel pens, USB, powerbank, which are not produced in Turkey, will be carried out in the factories.”


Emphasizing that the new factories to be opened will also make a great contribution to employment, Yücetürk said, “This is a flare and will activate many sub-sectors. We plan to employ at least 10 thousand people in these factories.” Underlining that the promotion sector, which directly concerns dozens of sectors, has achieved a very rapid growth in recent years, Yücetürk said, “With this growth, ‘Made in China out, Made in Turkey will be’. The products produced in our country will be sold to the whole world.”


According to the information given by Mehmet Yücetürk, the promotion sector, which has direct relations with many sectors from textile to furniture, from porcelain to glass, from leather to stationery, exports to 80 countries. Expressing that they send the best quality products to Europe, Mehmet Yücetürk said:

“The turnover of the Turkish promotion industry last year was 5 billion dollars, and its exports were 300 million dollars. Our turnover expectation this year is 7 billion dollars. Our export target is 500 million dollars. In 2025, we aim to increase our exports to 1 billion dollars.”


The 35th Promotion Show Fair, one of the biggest fairs in the promotion sector, will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between September 28 and October 1. Nearly 200 purchasing delegations from 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, especially England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, will come to the fair. Mehmet Yücetürk said, “Promotional orders for 2023 will be given at the fair”.