Turkish Airlines EuroLeague | Barcelona 75-80 Anadolu Efes (Result)

Anadolu Efes hosted Barcelona in the 19th week of THY EuroLeague.

The navy-whites, who started the fight well, finished the first quarter ahead 21-9. Continuing to dominate in the second quarter, Anadolu Efes finished the half ahead 39-28.


Maintaining the difference in the close third quarter, the dark blue-white team started the last quarter with a 62-48 superiority. Maintaining its scoring advantage in the last quarter of the match, Anadolu Efes left the match with a 75-80 victory.

Anadolu Efes will host Bayern Munich in the 20th week of THY EuroLeague, while Barcelona will face Baskonia away.

786th match in Europe

Anadolu Efes played its 786th game in European Cups with Barcelona. The dark blue-white team achieved their 448th victory with the Barcelona match.

Anadolu Efes, which played its 538th game in EuroLeague, achieved 291 wins in the organization.

With this match, Anadolu Efes and Barcelona faced each other for the 40th time in the European Cups. Anadolu Efes defeated its opponent for the 18th time after this match.

Barcelona: 75 – Anadolu Efes: 80

Living room: Palau Blaugrana
Referees: Borys Ryzhyk (Ukraine), Olegs Latisevs (Latvia), Milan Nedovic (Slovenia)
Barcelona: Laprovittola 5, Kuric 2, Kalinic 9, Mirotic 15, Vesely 4, Da Silva 10, Sertaç Şanlı 6, Abrines 4, Higgins 17, Jokubaitis 3
Anadolu Efes: Larkin 17, Micic 17, Bryant 2, Singleton 5, Pleiss 12, Beaubois 11, Clyburn 6, M’Baye 9, Zizic, Dunston 1

1st Period: 9-21
Circuit: 28-39
3. Period: 48-62