Turkey will defend its interests against Greece

Greece continues its manipulations against Turkey by hiding behind the mask of fake victims. Turkey in the eyes of the world, with empty claims at every opportunity, that Turkish jets performing missions in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean were radar-locked by the Greek S-300 Air Defense System, which they said was “not active, in the hangar”, that they turned the Aegean into a refugee graveyard. Greece made the final move, after trying to portray Turkey as an aggressor and many other events that could be counted. Armored vehicles donated by the USA were shipped to Lesbos and Samos. Turkey’s UAVs monitored the illegal shipments of the USA and Greece.

Turkey protested before Greece and the United States the deployment of US armored vehicles to the Lesbos and Chios Islands. The Greek Ambassador to Ankara, who was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, was asked to put an end to the violations on the islands and to restore the non-military status.


Spectrum News, headlined Erdogan’s speech, “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that Turkey will not hesitate to defend its rights and interests against Greece.” said.

The news also touched upon the provocation titles signed by Greece. Beginning with the arming attempt on the islands, “Greece has inflamed tensions in 2020 over exploratory drilling rights in parts of the Mediterranean,” it said. The same news also shared the fact that F-16s were ‘locked’, which was ‘hostile’ action in accordance with NATO rules.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s response to Athens yesterday, emphasizing that the foreign military buildups all over Greece that look like an invasion should bother the real Greek people, not Turkey, said: “Economic and political engagements, the price of which will inevitably be paid, threatens the real Greek people, not us. Neither those military buildups nor those political and economic supports are enough to raise Greece to our level. But these wrong steps are enough to drag Greece into the swamp in every sense. All in all. We will not fail to defend our country’s rights and interests against Greece, which we continue to follow closely in every field, by using all the means at our disposal, this is well known.” used the phrases.

Star Newspaper