”Turkey will be rich in energy”… They will have to!

Töre told AA correspondent in Mersin, where she came to make a series of contacts, that they represent national interests and national interests in the best way in cooperation with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Regarding the transportation of gas to be extracted from the Eastern Mediterranean via Cyprus to Greece, and from there to Italy and then to Europe Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Pipeline ProjectReferring to i (EastMed), Töre said, “EastMed It is a very expensive project, not efficient. The easiest project is the one that will pass through the coasts of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” he said.


Pointing to the importance of Turkey and the TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean, Töre continued his words as follows: “Transporting the natural gas found in the Eastern Mediterranean region to Europe must be done by taking into account Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This will definitely happen in the near future because Expensive projects are not accepted by the world. Although there is a discriminatory way of thinking in Greeks, Greeks, Israel or Egypt, since it is not a realistic project, it will definitely be created by taking into account Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In this way, in the next few years When this project is realized, Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be rich in energy. It will also have great financial revenues. Europe is stuck at the moment.”

Custom, Russia-Ukraine to Europe after the economic sanctions caused by the war natural gas reminded of the problems with the supply.

Pointing out that with these developments, studies in the Eastern Mediterranean have gained more importance, Töre said:Energy In terms of this, Russia’s restriction on Europe will pave the way for Turkey. ‘How can we get the energy in the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe as soon as possible?’ projects will be accelerated. I believe it will be in our favour,” he said.

Emphasizing that Turkey has proven its presence in the Eastern Mediterranean with both drilling and seismic research ships, Töre said:

“Both seismic survey and drilling vessels are in the Eastern Mediterranean. Researches and excavations in the homeland of Turkey continue. This shows the greatness of Turkey because there are drilling vessels in countries with few similarities in the world. Turkey has become quite rich in this regard. As a result of this, It will definitely bear its fruit.Both the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey East Mediterranean’Turkey will definitely find this natural gas in the free zones in Turkey. Just as it was found in the Black Sea, it is also found in this region. It will definitely be found by the drilling ships of Turkey. Whatever is necessary will be done. If natural gas is to be produced close to each other and will be found by Turkey, it is necessary to combine those natural gas reserves. We definitely need to deliver it to Europe via Turkey.”

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