“Turkey-Syria rapprochement is on the radar of the USA” – World news

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is on his way to the United States to meet with his US counterpart, Anthony Blinken. Stating that there are important topics on the table, Ciner Media Group USA Representative Ali Çınar evaluated the importance of the meeting for haberturk.com.


Stating that the meeting will take place on January 18, Ali Çınar said, “During the Biden administration, for the first time in two years, the Turkish Foreign Minister will be hosted by his US counterpart in the capital, Washington DC. There were criticisms as to why it took so long. We can say it was the first,” he said. Çınar stated that global and regional developments will be on the agenda during the meeting, “The F-16 issue, Turkey’s diplomatic efforts in the Russia-Ukraine war, the NATO membership process of Sweden and Finland and the commercial relations between the two countries will be on the agenda. And of course, Turkey’s Syria policy will be on the agenda.” “Normalization efforts are also on the radar of the USA. This issue is also one of the main agenda items,” he said.


After the midterm elections held in the USA in November, the works started after the election of the Republican President Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives where the Republicans are in the majority. “The Republican wind is blowing in the US Congress,” said the US Representative of Ciner Media Group, Ali Çınar, “They started to establish bills and committees one after the other in the House of Representatives. There are some steps towards the Democratic Party and President Biden. There is a very active process in the Congress, the agenda is intense. ‘ he said.


Stating that Japanese Prime Minister Fumiyo Kishida’s visit to the White House is also on the agenda, Ali Çınar said, “The USA attaches importance to close relations with Japan, especially because of its strategy in Asia-Pacific and its steps against China. The issue will be discussed,” he said. Referring to the downward trend in inflation with the annual inflation rate of 6.5 percent in December, Çınar said, “However, high prices and problems continue in food and rent issues. Now the eyes will be on the rate of interest increase that the FED will take. It seems that 25 basis points There is a possibility that there will be an increase,” he said.