Turkey on the offensive for oil and natural gas

BOTA 5th Sustainable Energy Summit was held this year with the theme of “Own the Future”.

In his speech, Özcan said that 14 billion barrels of oil has been offered to international markets through the activities carried out since 1967, when oil was found in Turkey.

Noting that this is one of the most important examples of sustainability, Özcan said, “We are proud to have presented a resource with a market value of approximately 850 billion dollars to the international market since 1967.” said.

Stating that the natural gas activities have been continuing since 1987, Özcan said, “This team is proud of supplying 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas to both domestic and foreign markets uninterruptedly and continuously since 1987. O With natural gas prices, it’s worth 300 trillion dollars from day to day.” he residence.

Emphasizing that they contribute to the energy security of many countries, especially with the international pipelines implemented in the last period, Özcan said, “This is a very critical point. Here we also reflect our strength in terms of resource diversity.” used the expressions

Referring to the capacity in the pipelines, Özcan said, “We continue to work on the 75 million cubic meters of daily capacity in the pipelines, which is a peak value of 161 million cubic meters. Black Sea gas will also provide us with a contribution of 10 million cubic meters in terms of capacity this year. The capacity of 161 million cubic meters is 171.” However, soon after, it will increase the total capacity to 201 million square meters, reaching 40 million square meters in a few years. When we add the capacity increase in TANAP, this figure will be added by 20 million square meters.” share your knowledge.

Özcan also touched upon the developments in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) field and noted the following:

“Until 2016, we had a capacity of 34 million cubic meters. So we had two fixed facilities. The point we have reached today is unbelievable. We currently have a capacity of 133 million cubic meters, but the new Floating LNG Storage and Gasification Unit (FSRU) is on the way. It comes by supplying natural gas. It will start to serve in our country before the end of the month. Therefore, with the commissioning of this capacity, our total LNG capacity will have increased to 161 million cubic meters in the first part of the year. We have the ability to offer natural gas at the level of approximately 100 billion cubic meters with only our pipelines and LNG gasification facilities. “When we consider that it is operating at the level of billion cubic meters, there is a huge power here. These are giant steps towards becoming a gas center.”

Reminding that the storage works also continue, Özcan said, “The storage activities we have carried out in Silivri and Tuz Gl are the land projects of our country. The Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facility, which we built on 16 December, is the largest storage facility in the seas. These are the projects that relieve us in terms of supply security.” made its assessment.

Özcan said that they have been providing uninterrupted gas to all 81 provinces with their investments since 2018, and that the number of subscribers has reached 19.3 million.

Noting that the natural gas supplied from different sources is used in different geographies as well as in Turkey, Zcan stated that, considering the LNG form of natural gas, energy exports have been carried out to 6-7 different countries as a country so far.


Drawing attention to the localization works carried out within the scope of sustainability, Özcan pointed to Turkey’s first domestic offshore drilling platform and national SCADA project.

Özcan stated that with solar and wind power plant installations, all of the energy used in BOTA facilities in 2024 will come from renewable energy sources.

Mentioning BOTA’s activities within the scope of efficiency, Özcan continued:

“An increase is expected in the amount of energy we use for gas supply in the system, including compressors. Here, the opposite is happening. After the efficiency and optimization studies carried out by our friends, we have saved approximately 800 million cubic meters of natural gas in the last 5 years. Every year, we save natural gas as much as the consumption of Bolu province. This continues every year. At the end of the day, 5.97 million tons of carbon emissions have been prevented with efficiency studies alone. This is a contribution of 847 thousand tons to the universe with efficiency alone. We have built a system that saves 54 percent fuel gas. Here, LNG’s There is also a contribution to the entry into the system.”

Özcan stated that with these studies, BOTA has achieved 22 international degrees in the 2019-2022 period, 17 of which are environmental and 5 are sustainability.